Tour Events

Due to the low demand, the tours on June 6 and June 7 have been cancelled. If you already have paid, the money will be returned at the registration desk on June 4, 17:30-18:00. Sorry for the inconvenience.

During the conference the following tours will be provided (see below for more information):

04.06.2014 18:30 - Riga City sightseeing (walking in the Old Town of Riga) - free of charge.
06.06.2014 14:30 - The medieval castles in Sigulda - 30 EUR per person.
07.06.2014 09:00 - Trip to the palaces and castles of Zemgale (Bauska - Rundale- Jelgava) - 35 EUR per person.

For each tour event you can register here.

04.06.2014 18:30 - Riga City Sightseeing Tour (walking in the Old Town of Riga)

Duration: 2.5 hours

Images of Old Town

Walking tour of the Old Town, during which you will hear an interesting story about the history of the city, its tales and legends, the most famous places to see - the Town Hall Square, House of Blackheads, Convent Court, walls and towers, St. Peter's Church and the Cathedral. City Center - Freedom Monument, the Boulevard Ring and parks. After the tour you will have the opportunity to walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town, where "heard footsteps echoing centuries," sit in cozy cafe and enjoy Riga known Riga balm with coffee and chocolate. Optional - a concert of organ music in the Dome Cathedral.


06.06.2014 14:30 - The Medieval Castles of Vidzeme (Sigulda - Turaida)

Duration of the tour: 5 – 6 hours

Afternoon departure from Riga. Excursion to one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia - Sigulda. A city of sport, parks, history and beautiful legends. You will visit the old and new castle in Sigulda, the largest sand cave in Latvia - Gutmana cave, hear the legend of the Rose of Turaida visit Turaida medieval manor and castle, enjoy the magnificent panorama of the ancient riverbed of the Gauja from the lookout tower of the watchmen of the castle. Optionally, you can ride on a single trailer in the Baltic air cable car above the valley of the River Gauja and buy famous souvenir of Sigulda - cane. After the tour we offer to satisfy your hunger at bistro entertainment complex "Zaļumnieku piestātne".

07.06.2014. 09:00 - The Palaces and Castles of Zemgale (Bauska - Rundale - Jelgava)

Duration of the tour: Day long (09:00 – 19:00)

Morning departure from Riga. Excursion "Palaces and castles of Zemgale." Ruins of the castle of the Knights of the Livonian Order and the castle of the 17th century Dukes of Courland in Bauska. Located at a distance of 76 km from Riga, Rundale Palace is a pearl of Baroque architecture in Latvia, standing proud in its original splendor in a fertile plain surrounded by forests. It is Latvia's version of Versailles and Sans Soucis. The palace was built between 1736 and 1767 in the western part of Latvia for one of the Dukes of Kurzeme (Courland). The architect of the palace is the Italian F. B. Rastrelli (the Russian court architect) who has also created St. Petersburg's finest buildings. A French park also designed by F.B.Rastrelli lies in the southern part of the palace territory. It is newly made according to the original design of the 18th century.
Familiarity with the city of Jelgava - the former capital of the Duchy of Courland, where you will also learn about architectural works FB Rastrelli: E.I. Birona Palace - Duke of Courland and favorite Russian Czarina Anna Ivanovna and the Orthodox Church Sv.Simeona and Anna. Return to Riga in the afternoon.